Thursday, February 27, 2020

Group Ariel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Group Ariel - Essay Example The Group Ariel Company is recycling old equipment situated in Mexico. The management will need to apply the pesos to compute the company’s cash flows to ensure that they comprehend the manner in which the intended project will affect their finances. Additional for easy computation, the pesos should be converted into the Euros. This study analysed the NPV of the Ariel Mexico by deducting the value of manual machine from the value of the new machine (LAAN, & TEUNTER, 2000). Then the incremental cash flow will be represented as positive figures since the reduced value is equivalent to the cash flow. The next step was the deduction of the depreciation costs from the incremental sum costs. It is imperative to note that the fist initial three years of depreciation involved depreciation from the new machine and the remainder listed depreciation of the old machine. A deduction of 35% tax was done from the cash flow, and then the depreciation was added in order to signify the tax shie ld. For the company to calculate the project’s NPV in Euros, there is need to apply the future spot exchange rates. This can be done by dividing the peso NPV by the present spot exchange rate. Since the cash flows are discounted differently from 2008 up to 2011, then the rate of 8% of 2011 can be used to discount since it forms an average of the fours year period. It is imperative to note that computation of the present values of projects such as the Ariel Mexico can take two different ways which consider the variation of rate and risk attributed to the foreign currency. The significance of computing the NPV is to analyze the project managers or investors foresee great variations in the currency. In essence, the Group Ariel should discount the cash flows by using the foreign cost capital if the value of capital is valued in a rational manner (GOLLIER,

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